Pineapple Grenadine Drink (Fancy Drink)

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    Thomas' friend Nathan named this Fancy drink!


  1. 1.36 L pineapple juice, chilled, (large metal can)
  2. 2 oz grenadine
  3. crushed ice
  4. Maraschino cherries
  5. drink umbrellas


  1. Combine pineapple juice and grenadine in a pitcher.
  2. Serve in a glass, over crushed ice with a cherry and a drink umbrella.

Picture of Recipe

Pineapple Grenadine Drink (Fancy Drink) - Picture of Recipe
Serves: 4-5
Course: Beverage
Type of Food: Beverage - Nonalcoholic,Vegetarian,Vegan,
Ethnicity/Origin: Japanese,Hawaiian,Tropical,Asian
Key Ingredient: Juice,Cherries
Difficulty: 1 - Easy
Make Ahead: Yes, required
Themes/Holidays: Hibachi

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